Motu Research and Education Foundation

About the Motu Foundation

Building capability

The Motu Research and Education Foundation was established in 2006, with the aim of building capability of economic research and public decision-making. We are closely associated to the research institute Motu Economic and Public Policy Research.

We build capability in the public sector by funding and promoting research into public policy issues affecting New Zealand without advocating an ideological or political position.

Specifically, we provide:

  • Funding for Internships,
  • Funding for Māori scholarships,
  • Funding for visiting academics to present in New Zealand, and
  • Seed funding to explore new areas of economic and policy research.

Promoting top quality research

Our belief is that high quality and politically neutral research will inform rational debate and greatly contribute to quality public policy decision making for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

The aim of the Foundation is to support and promote quality economic research that provides a stronger platform for better public policy decision making, and to ensure that such research work is published and disseminated for widespread public use.

The Motu Foundation is not an operational entity. We don’t carry out our own research, so in pursuing these objectives, the Foundation co-operates with a range of people and organisations, particularly Motu Research.

Who are Motu Economic and Public Policy Research?

Motu Research is a non-profit economic and public policy research institute, established in 2000. Their researchers carry out long-term, socially beneficial research programmes under five broad categories:

  • Environmental Regulation,
  • Housing,
  • Economic Geography,
  • Population and Labour Economics, and
  • Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics and Economic Performance.

Motu Research’s research programmes are constantly evolving in response to public needs.
Motu Research’s three major aims are in line with ours - top quality economic research with a policy focus, building research and public sector capability, and free dissemination of all research findings. Motu Research are well known for their popular Public Policy Seminar Series in Wellington and Auckland where significant public policy issues are discussed. Visit their website for more information.